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We are very proud of the reviews about Elite TOMA Martial Arts Academy that are posted online. Below are just a few of the reviews we’ve received. For another indicator as to why our martial arts school is the best place in the Trooper area for kids and families to develop character, physical fitness, and self-defense skills, view our awards and certifications.

Customize Each Student’s Experience

“We have been EliteTOMA members for over 7 years. We first came to EliteTOMA for the after school care program, but quickly found TOMA as a second home. Now our son is working on getting his 3rd degree belt and Dad joined the adult program and is working on his 2nd degree. We have seen many different types of students come through the doors and benefit from the Kim’s teaching style as they are able to customize each student’s experience depending on the student’s needs. TOMA constantly builds on goals, turning problem students into model students and turning model students into marquee students. Discipline, respect, character development and confidence building are all critical to a student’s training on top of the obvious physical training and study of Taekwondo. Best of all, Elite TOMA has many opportunities including competitions, charity, leadership and even instructing.”

 – Rembert Family

An Amazing Influence

“It is hard to put into words what TOMA has meant to our family, especially our son Jack.  Jack began at TOMA before his 5th birthday and is now a freshman at Purdue.  He had the opportunity to be both a student and a teacher.  Never in the 14 years did he ever not want to be at TOMA.  We think one of the hardest parts about leaving for college was the transition of not being with the Kim family, his friends, and all his students.  Elite TOMA is a family and had an amazing influence on the type of person Jack is.”

– Gabby & Paul Winters

An Amazing Community!

“We are so lucky to be part of the Elite TOMA Martial Arts Family for over 8 years.  Grand Master Kim, Master HJ and Master HG are passionate around teaching Taekwondo to their students and developing them into strong leaders.  The kids have so much fun while learning discipline, integrity and hard work.  This is a great program for kids and teens.  I highly recommend Elite TOMA Martial Arts – it is an amazing community!!  Thank you so much for all you have done for Michael and Molly.”

– Schreiber Family

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