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    ELITE TOMA AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM focuses on safety, physical activity, social growth, and academic enrichment for children ages K-8.

    At Elite TOMA After School, students will have a more beneficial learning experience than with other after school programs. With the busy lifestyles of hardworking parents, children today thrive in our structured after school environment where they can learn respect and discipline in
    a place that develops positive morals and principles. We also help students learn etiquette and the importance of teamwork & self confidence, while being challenged, active and engaged.

    Children will play team games (such as dodgeball and indoor soccer), helping them learn to work with others while making friends and having a good time being who they are.

    After School Program includes:

    • Daily pickup from school
    • Daily snacks
    • Academic support
    • Structured programming, including martial arts activities (evening classes additional)
    • Certified World Taekwondo Federation masters and instructors
    • Experienced and caring staff
    • Open for school closings