For parents and children alike, the summer is a time for going to the beach, getting out in the sun, and swimming in lakes, rivers and the ocean. Many people also enjoy swimming in both above-ground and below-ground pools on their own property.

Before going out for an afternoon of fun with the children, though, parents should be aware of these important swimming safety tips.


Active Supervision is the Best

By far and away, the best way for a parent to keep their children safe is by actively being near the water and watching them while they swim. Going inside or trying to watch from the deck will not always cut it. Parents should be involved and connected.


Designated Water Watchers Can Help

When a group of parents are gathered by the pool, it could lead to a dangerous situation where everyone assumes that someone else is watching the children, but no one really is.

To keep this from happening, it is important for parents to designate specific people to be “water watchers,” a task which they can carry out for fifteen minutes to a half an hour before turning it over to someone else.


Slow Progress Works Well for Babies

After they reach about six months old, it is fine to take babies into the water for the first time. However, parents should always go slowly, just introducing them to it for a few minutes at a time and never trying to push them to do more than they are able.


Take Children to Swimming Lessons

When they go to swimming lessons, children will often learn more than just how to swim. They could also learn:

– What to do if they are in trouble
– Things to avoid in the water
– Different safety tactics
– When to call an adult
– What designated beach swimming areas look like

This education can really help children when they are then sent to the lake or river to swim without the direct eye of an instructor. The more they know, the safer they will be.


A Dedication to Safety

Parents who decide to use these swimming safety tips will find that they can keep accidents from happening, reduce stress and increase the amount of fun children can have in the summer. Above all else, parents must have a dedication to safety at all times so that they never overlook anything.