Team TOMA goes beyond the regular curriculum, providing a space to practice martial arts in a more competitive manner.

Members will be eligible for tournaments and competitions–a great supplement and arena of application to your martial arts journey, and a way to improve ambition, determination, and resilience. Being on a team offers many benefits, including:

  • Additional personalized instruction
  • Learning advanced techniques
  • Opportunity to bond with fellow team members outside of class

The team will compete at tournaments to showcase their skills and perform at the highest level.

Join Team TOMA

To become a member of Team TOMA, you must be very dedicated and strong willed. Members must attend all classes as well as occasional special training camps in order to prepare for tournaments (typically 5-12 each year). Members will also compete annually at state competition to qualify for the nationals. Our competition team will train at a much more intense level than any of our other programs.

If you are an extremely hardworking, competitive student who wishes to dedicate your time to more intensive training in Olympic Taekwondo and in martial arts tournaments–this is for you!


The SWAT team is our second tier demonstration team. We perform at many events, and include some of the best performers and students at the school. This team also puts together our birthday parties.