Team TOMA is the official sports program developed for students to learn and practice the sport and competition aspect of martial arts and taekwondo.

Our team travels for both local and national tournaments to compete against other schools around the country and the world. Taekwondo is a growing sport that is being practiced worldwide–like soccer, basketball, or baseball–and is also an event at the Olympics.

Athletes compete in sparring as well as poomsae (forms/patterns) at tournaments. Being a part of the team offers many benefits including more personalized instruction, becoming a stronger athlete, and learning to overcome adversities.

Team TOMA has delivered outstanding results since its start in 2014, training multiple state, district, and national team members. The team is affiliated with AAU and USA Taekwondo. The success of this program has helped team members build great resumes for their future with students enrolling at Duke, NC State, University of Michigan, Penn State, Temple, Cornell, and Princeton.