Established in 2001, Elite TOMA has been an institute of excellence for over 20 years thanks to the guidance of Grandmaster Nam Min Kim.

Born and raised in South Korea, Grandmaster Kim began his studies at the age of 10 and has devoted his life to martial arts. He began competing at the age of 14. Incorporating child psychology into his classes, he opened his first martial arts school at the age of 18 in Joppa, Maryland. He went on to grow his teaching experiences by opening a school in New Jersey and acting as a traveling instructor, helping the local school build their programs. With his years of experience–starting as a student training on a mountainside in South Korea with no mats to competing and traveling as an athlete here in the states–Grandmaster Kim decided to move to Pennsylvania and start Elite TOMA.

The vision has always been to provide a platform and opportunity for students to reach their own personal goals and go beyond their own limits. Over the years, Elite TOMA has continued to grow with the guidance and leadership of the Kim family–Grandmaster Kim, his wife, and his 3 children (Master HJ, Master HG, and Halee). Together, they have made it their life’s mission to provide the community with an outlet for students to challenge themselves and find success on their own paths.

The philosophy behind the entire program is rooted in the Korean culture of martial arts and the mindset required to become the best version of yourself. At Elite TOMA, we still follow and practice traditions passed down for generations through Grandmaster Kim, holding traditional belt ceremonies, practicing martial arts etiquette that is so easily forgotten, and exposing our students to the special culture here.

Our teaching today is based on a blend of the traditional aspects of martial arts with fresh ideas to keep our students engaged and invested in our vision.