About Our Style

The Way of Training

Traditional Oriental Martial Arts training is multi-faceted. Of course, there is the physical aspect just as there is with any of the other oriental Martial Arts such as karate. But TOMA involves much more. To truly study TOMA you must know the history; you must know why you show respect and have obedience.

The TOMA Master Instructor has one main goal. This is to educate and pass on all that he has learned. Without the student, the TOMA Master is alone. The respect and obedience of the student is how the master measures his success.

In many ways, we don’t choose a path in life…it chooses us. Through the experiences we gather, we get a feeling within. That feeling is destiny. You find your strengths and weaknesses as you proceed through life and that is what leads you in the path of TOMA training.


Forms, Free Sparring, One-Step Sparring, Striking, Blocking, Kicking

Taekwando is over two thousand years old and its teachings incorporate suppleness, speed, power, patience and rhythmic endurance.  It specializes in developing kicking techniques, which helps the student’s coordination. Kicking is preferred since the leg is longer and stronger than the arm. This allows the student to keep their opponent at a longer and safer range. Strong legs will also allow the student to jump higher or longer.

Hap Ki Do

Jumping, Throwing, Falling, Joint Locking, Pressure Points, Sweeping

Hapkido is the softest of the martial arts disciplines.  Hapkido teaches patience, grace, balance, and self-control. Students learn to use a circular or nonresident technique, which will get them out of danger from their attacker. Movements involve sweeping and throwing techniques while maintaining balance. Students also learn various joint locking and pressure points.

Moo Ye E Ship Sa Ban (Weapons)

Bo Staff, Sword, Nunchuck, Fan, Kama

Weapons training enhances one’s concentration, discipline and hand eye coordination. There is a great historical and traditional significance behind weapons training in that these weapons were used by country people as a means of self defense. When we practice with weapons we discover how the weapon is actually used. It heightens our ability to focus on our target and ourselves. The beauty, grace and culture of these weapons will be integrated during instruction of their use.