About Our Style

Elite TOMA training is multifaceted.

Becoming a martial artist is more than just an activity but a lifelong journey and lifestyle choice–we focus on the importance of balancing your mind and body, teaching our students what it takes to be an exceptional martial artist both within the dojang and out. Martial arts training proves beneficial for anyone who invests themselves in their training. It helps students learn the importance of respect and discipline and builds focus and confidence to attack any situation that comes their way.

For adults, it provides a haven to relieve stress and presents new challenges which stimulate both the mind and the body. All these benefits are cultivated from the traditional martial arts training we teach at Elite TOMA.

The knowledge passed down through the many generations at Elite TOMA is the core focus of our martial arts training. We honor the traditional martial arts training of our ancestors by continuing to educate our students on the principles we stand for. As the world around us is always transforming, we at Elite TOMA instill the traditional values of martial arts with a modern approach. Our success is measured by the development of the character of our students.

In many ways, we do not choose a path in life–it chooses us. Through the experiences we gather, we get a feeling within and this is what we call destiny. You find your strengths and weaknesses as you proceed through life which leads you on the path toward becoming an Elite TOMA student. Welcome to Elite TOMA.

Tae Kwon Do

Poomsae (Patterns), Hand-to-Hand Defense (Striking, Blocking, and Kicking), Olympic Sparring

Tae Kwon Do is over two thousand years old and its teachings incorporate agility, speed, power, patience, and rhythmic endurance.  It specializes in dynamic style striking for both feet and hands which develops coordination and stamina. Practitioners of this discipline are able to push their bodies to new limits and build strong mental fortitude.

Hap Ki Do

Joint Locking and Breaking, Grappling, and Throwing

Hap Ki Do is a Korean martial art developed to teach patience, grace, balance, and self-control. Students learn to use circular movements in order to manipulate the opponent’s body and attack. It hosts a wide range of techniques from sweeping and throwing to joint locking and pressure point defense. Ultimately, this discipline teaches individuals to remain calm, focus on breathing, and understand movement.

Moo Gi Sul (Weapons)

Nunchucks, Bo Staff, Sword, Fan, Kama

Moo Gi Sul training enhances one’s concentration, discipline, and hand-eye coordination. There is a great historical and traditional significance behind weapons training in that these weapons were used by country people as a means of self-defense. It heightens our ability to focus on our target and ourselves. The beauty, grace, and culture of these weapons are integrated into the training.