About Our Style

Grandmaster Nam Min Kim

Head Grandmaster

An accomplished martial artist in many disciplines, Grandmaster Kim currently holds the rank of 6th degree black belt from Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Federation, 4th degree in Hapkido, and 4th degree in Haidong Gumdo (Korean Swordsmanship).

Born and raised in South Korea, Grandmaster Kim began his studies at the age of 10 and began competing at the age of 14. He has achieved state and grand champion awards throughout the tri-state area. Creating life champions, Grandmaster Kim is known and loved for his habit of making good things happen, his ability to inspire others towards success, his passionate and enthusiastic dedication to his students, and his open-mindedness to new ideas. He continues to demonstrate excellence in all areas including technique, competition, spirituality, and more importantly his ability to bring people together to achieve a shared vision.

Instructor Hyung Jun (HJ) Kim

Head Instructor

Studying under Grandmaster Kim from the age of 6, Master HJ grew up as a student with Elite TOMA and transformed into the Head Instructor. He has been training for 20+ years and teaching for 10+ years. He also manages and trains the Instructor Staff to ensure they are always prepared and teaching at their best. HJ a graduate of the Smeal College of Business at Penn State Universtiy.

Instructor Hyung Gee (HG) Kim

Head Instructor, Team TOMA Head Coach

Also studying alongside Instructor HJ Kim, Instructor HG has been practicing martial arts for over 15 years competing and winning at the state and national levels. As the Head Sport Tae Kwon Do coach, he oversees the Team TOMA program and develops the student-athletes to become champions of life. The program has seen great national and local success with Senior AAU National Team members and Cadet/Junior AAU National Champions.

Instructor Halee Kim

Senior Instructor

The youngest of the Kim siblings, Instructor Halee Kim is also a 3rd Degree Black Belt and is a previous ECTC All-Star team member. As part of the Team TOMA program, she has been an AAU National Champion and a Senior AAU National team member. A great example of hard work and dedication, she teaches the students with compassion and instills character traits that will lead to success. She has a Biomedical Engineering Degree from Cornell University.

Mrs. Eun Joo Kim

Program Director

The head of the program, Mrs. Eun Joo Kim works hard for all the students and families at Elite TOMA. She ensures students are enjoying their Elite TOMA experience in the dojang and is always trying to assist parents with their busy lives. Mrs. Kim oversees all management for student testing, promotions, attendances, and programs so that families are well informed and comfortable with investing their time in the Elite TOMA program.