About Our Style

TOMA Mission

Our mission is to provide a platform for individuals to help build character and life skills for their future. We promise to provide teaching of the highest quality and work side by side in order to achieve an individual’s goals. Elite TOMA is a place for our students to push and strive to be the best version of themselves.

TOMA Vision

At Elite TOMA, we believe that martial arts is a vehicle for unlocking a person’s fullest potential. We have created a culture here that nurtures strong character development, mental focus and physical grit in a family-centric environment. As you start to embrace the experience and invest your time with us, you begin to feel like a part of an enormous, supportive family. Everyone here at Elite TOMA from the students to the staff to the other families are all working to a common goal which creates high positive energy in class.

TOMA Mantras

The teachings at our Dojang are based on the following tenants, and we believe that these core values ultimately define us:

Four Rules of TOMA: Be Honest, Be Brave, Be Smart, Be Polite.
Code of TOMA: Loyalty, Courage, Worthy, Humble.
Three Goals of TOMA: Sharp in Mind, Warm in Heart, Build Good Character.