About Our Style

Whether you want to learn Taekwondo for fun or to further your discipline, Elita TOMA has the instructors and staff to help you meet your goals.

Meet Master Kim

Born and raised in Korea, Master Kim began his studies at the age of ten and has devoted his life to the martial arts, while continuously demonstrating excellence in all areas including martial arts techniques, competitions, spirituality, and–perhaps most important of all–his ability to bring many people together to achieve a shared vision.

Master Kim moved from Korea in 1977 and resumed studying martial arts in Maryland. He began competing at the age of 14, achieving awards in various competitions. Incorporating child psychology into his classes, he opened his first martial arts school at the age of 18 and has since inspired countless martial artists for over three decades. Creating true life champions, Master Kim is known and loved for his habit of making good things happen, his ability to inspire successfulness in others, his passionate and enthusiastic dedication to his students, and his willingness to listen to and explore new ideas.

An accomplished martial artist in many disciplines, Master Kim currently holds the rank of 6th degree black belt from Kukiwan, World Taekwondo Federation, as well as various other degrees in martial arts, including 4th degree in Hapkido and Haidong Gumdo (weaponry).

In class, he incorporates his vast knowledge and expertise by teaching students not only taekwando, but self defense and various weapons training as well.

Master Kim continues to improve his skills with instruction from various masters throughout the United States. He seeks with true passion to inspire the values and teachings of Martial Arts to others.