Welcome to the concept of TOMA (Traditional Oriental Martial Arts).

Our vision of TOMA touches many aspects of life and can be summarized in the following areas:

Techniques and External Arts

Kicking, punching, self-defense, weapons training and other types of “Hard” martial arts train our bodies and contribute to good health.

Obedience and Respect

All of our training ultimately focuses back on respect, love and caring for our families, our neighbors and our country. A true martial artist uses their skill for the good of all, to help build better families, friendships, community, country and ultimately a better world.

Meditation and Internal Arts

Meditation, “KI” (or Inner Energy) cultivation and “SOFT” arts help us train both our bodies and our minds and leads to longevity and self-control.

Ancestry and Culture

Learning both the history and culture of Korea and other Asian countries gives us a firm foundation to help us better understand why we train the way we do, and the history behind many of the techniques and forms we practice.

Elite TOMA Martial Arts is much more than a group of conventional martial arts or kickboxing schools. It is a community that helps us both to preserve tradition and also to apply the essence of martial arts to everyday life.