Elite TOMA is more than a martial arts school.

It is an entire experience that changes people’s lives forever, a community that helps us both to preserve tradition and also to apply the essence of martial arts to everyday life.

Elite TOMA is Traditional Oriental Martial Arts, and encompasses many aspects of life that can be conceptualized in the following areas:

Techniques and External Arts

Focusing on the traditional style of punching, kicking, self-defense, and weapons training with a modern and innovative approach. Building your physical endurance and challenging yourself builds grit and mental fortitude. This core concept centers around the external and physical side of martial arts that trains our bodies and promotes good health.

Obedience and Respect

All of our training and teachings ultimately focus back on respect, discipline, and responsibility. Respecting our elders, teachers, and those around us is a key component to lessons of martial arts. A true martial artist has the discipline to make the right decision. Martial artists are not only responsible for themselves but also for those around them. They help build a strong family, community, and ultimately a better world.

Meditation and Internal Arts

Martial arts teaches the importance of balancing the mind and body, making sure that they are always in sync. Meditation teaches us to cultivate positive energy and helps manifest our goals. This area of martial arts contributes to achieving balance of the mind and body, building longevity and demonstrating self-control.

Ancestry and Culture

Learning the history of martial arts gives us a firm foundation to help us better understand the root of what we learn and practice. The Korean and East Asian culture behind martial arts provides a unique perspective to our approach on life and important values. Gaining this knowledge leads to becoming both a better member of society and martial artist.